Who am I?

I’m glad you asked. But the truth is, I’m a bit of an (undeniably messy, but always positive) work-in-progress. My name is Madeline Millsip, and I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Lately, I’ve obtained an unexpected but timely affirmation of self—an undeniable, unshakable confidence that I am brave, courageous, audacious, honest, gritty, and witty. And I am slowly learning the power of simply leaning into “who I am” at this present moment, instead of being caught up in where I’ve been and what’s to come.

But, in case you’d also like to know where I’ve been and what I’ve done:

I grew up immersed in the outdoors, carefully nestled in between and enthralled by the warm, welcoming embrace of the ocean and the mountains. As a result, the outdoors is now my place of refuge, reflection, and release—the place where I always stumble-upon or scrounge-up wholehearted happiness. I originally cultivated this love as an avid ocean kayaker (building my own boat, at age 13!), weaving ocean-time into my jam-packed schedule as a competitive figure skater, varsity wrestler, and business-student-turned-technology-consultant. Lately, though, I find myself enveloped by the stillness and sanctuary of the outdoors as a trail runner / ultramarathoner and adventure touring motorcyclist.

But, how did I get here, as the voice behind Adventures, Unabridged?

If you’ve read the Why Now page, you’ll understand the impetus for this honest and heartfelt collection of stories. But as I trudge through this journey of life and loss, I am also slowly and deliberately accumulating the pieces that will eventually articulate Why Me. I’m not quite there yet, but once I am, you’ll be the first to know (and I promise, it will be a captivating read!)

Let’s Hang Out!

You can find me sharing photos and videos of my day-to-day life and my wildest adventures, accompanied by way-too-long-novel-esque captions, on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I’d love to see yours, too—so hit me up with a follow, comment or DM so we can start the conversation!

Let’s Share!

Have a comment or question? A reflection on one of the articles? A perspective on grief? A desire to share your story? (I love hearing about your unabridged adventures, too!) Or maybe you have an idea for how we can collaborate to share more of our gritty truths with the world? Send me a note using the form below—I can’t wait to learn from you and to connect deeply over our shared experiences.