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This is where you’ll find the raw, gritty, honest accounts of my outdoor adventures. Each adventure has its own tumultuous arc that is meant to be shared, revisited, savoured, and reflected upon. These stories are the reason why the outdoors beckon me back, time and time again. They include the glorious ups, the gut-wrenching downs, and everything in between.

WEST COAST TRAIL SOUL-O // Letting The Light Pour In.

There are hundreds of moments spent evaluating risk in the outdoors: bears, cougars, rising tides, slippery ladders, kelp-covered rocks, hand-pulled cable cars, strangers, nights alone, inclement weather. As a soloist, there are no second opinions. Your choices are yours, alone, to own. But to me, the most jarring solo-moment occurred while I was spending an…

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ORCAS MARATHON // Still Here. Still Me.

As I flew through the descent, it came: a moment of pause; a moment of appreciation. I thought, “she would be so proud of me.” And it wasn’t in a you’re-face-to-face-engulfed-by-grief-so-anything-you-manage-to-scrounge-up-the-courage-to-do-you-should-be-proud-of, kind-of-way. If she were here, she would beam with pride because I put myself out there, in the position to fall, to stumble, to…

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ICELAND // From The Midnight Sun, Where The Hot Springs Blow.

We grabbed our backpacks from the carousel and headed out of the Keflavik International Airport. At this time in 2015, Iceland had not yet emerged on top tourism destination lists. It was an entrancing, winter wonderland that promised to engulf us into its mystic, Nordic aura. This would be the final travel-trip of our international…

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SUNSHINE COAST TRAIL // Finding My First ‘Piece’

Preparing for our first trek after my sister’s death, I was under the romanticized impression that whisking myself into the Sunshine Coast’s mountainous solitude would resolve my grief. I was naively embarking on the search for a single ‘moment’ where I would begin to accept our harrowing story. Maybe what I found, instead, was that…

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